with Eman Ismail (she/her)

How do you know when you're ready to be a guest on a podcast?

Get up on a stage and deliver a presentation?

Run a workshop?

Well, according to a lot of business coaches, you better be ready right now because speaking is how you can grow your business fast.

But look, speaking isn't easy and it isn't for everyone.

And "start speaking" is super vague, unactionable advice.

Join Eman Ismail (she/her) and Anna Hetzel (they/them) in an interactive workshop as we explore the lessons we've learned while trying to get to the big stage.

What you'll get outta this Toucan Talk...

  • Immediate ideas on what topics are perfect for YOU and you alone
  • How to take small steps towards the big stage
  • How to own your authority with confidence
  • Where to find (or create) your first speaking gigs
  • A take-home worksheet to help guide you through the speaking's first steps
  • Time for discussion and Q&A (really, we’re blocking off at least 20 mins)

How much does this recording cost?

The price starts at $0, pay what you can.

A suggestion: What do you normally pay for a workshop and is that feasible for you right now?
Then that's a good price to pay.

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