with Annie Bacher (she/her)

Twitter bros and other stinky flora and fauna say—

you must write every single week,

you must prove your expertise in every email,

you must sell something,

you must share something ‘valuable.’

Phew, no wonder emailing our lists sounds so exhausting most of us don’t even start.

Too 👏 much 👏 pressure 👏

Annie and I have both used our email lists in unconventional ways as essential tools in our businesses.

We've both made emailing our lists fun, easy, and definitely not sleazy.

What you'll get outta this Toucan Talk...

  • Permission to throw away the “rules” about email lists
  • How to make writing to your list fun and not a chore
  • How to get over barriers in a way that actually works for you
  • Design your own strategy in a take-home worksheet
  • Grow your email list right away by sharing with fellow participants

How much does this recording cost?

The price starts at $0, pay what you can.

A suggestion: What do you normally pay for a workshop and is that feasible for you right now?
Then that's a good price to pay.

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