The Recording

Client Wrangling
(or how to be a partner
and not a pest)

with Amy Posner (she/her)

Client wrangling is a constant and forever frustrating subject of professionals everywhere.

  • They don't do this!
  • They are so slow at that!
  • They demand work at weird hours of the day and night!

What if client wrangling didn't HAVE to be a bull-riding rodeo?!?

Clients don't need to be managed.

They need to be supported.

Come join Amy (she/her), a pro business owner with decades of experience, and Anna (they/them), a boundaries expert, as we explore shifting our mindset from 'wrangle' to 'partnership.'

What you'll get outta this Toucan Talk...

  • Learn 4 steps toward long-lasting (and profitable) client partnerships
  • Hear stories of client management do's and dont's
  • A take-home worksheet to help make your next client experience awesome
  • Discussion and Q&A at the end

How much does this recording cost?

The price starts at $10, sliding scale.

If you can pay beyond that, please do!

A suggestion: What do you normally pay for a workshop and is that feasible for you right now?
Then that's a good price to pay.

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