Deliver better work
(and expand your client list)
through awesome collaborations

with Allie Lehman (she/her)

Collaborating with other creatives and professionals is a known way to get better and get more projects.

But they can be so hard and stressful!?

Come join me, Anna Hetzel, and Allie Lehman as we take you through the ins and outs of collaborative work.

What you'll get outta this Toucan Talk Recording...

  • Learn the different types of collaboration models
  • Understand the common pitfalls and successes of collaborations
  • Over-the-shoulder case study of a collaboration
  • A take-home checklist to help make your next collaboration project awesome
  • Time for discussion and Q&A

How much does this recording cost?

The price starts at $0, pay what you can.

A suggestion: What do you normally pay for a workshop and is that feasible for you right now?
Then that's a good price to pay.

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